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Dash & Albert Rugs

Dash & Albert boasts a collection of rugs that are as durable as they are beautiful and affordable. Dash & Albert Rugs are available at Vintage Now Modern. Our address is 633 South Main Street in Greenville, SC. Dash & Albert Rug collection is huge and patterns and colors are interchangeable for a nice custom design look. Dash & Albert Rugs come in Cotton, Jute, Wool, Polypropylene, PET, Viscose Blend, Sisal, and Linen. Choose rug weaves in Woven Cotton, Hooked Cotton, Hand Knotted, Tufted Wool, Woven Wool, Hooked Wool, and Woven Indoor Outdoor. Our customers who have purchased Dash & Albert rugs are very pleased with their beauty and durability.

Dash and Albert Sisal Rugs and Jute Rugs come in various sizes and patterns and are great when you are looking for a natural fiber floor covering.

If you are looking for a stair runner, we can help you with a measurement guide and will also be happy to help you choose a rug design that will be beautiful for your home. We have helped customers place rugs in their beautiful new home, remodeled home, or beach or lake house. You want to have rugs in your home that work with your design style, are beautiful, but are also functional.

Dash & Albert has a line of rugs that are pet friendly, too! We know your pets are part of your family, and these rugs are a perfect solution for your pets. Easy to clean and again, very affordable!

Dash & Albert Sample Rugs

  • PlainTinSlateWoolMicroHookedRug_RDA115_product_list
  • PlainTinWheatWoolMicroHookedRug_RDA371_product_list
  • SamodeFieldstoneivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB238_product_list
  • TangerineDreamWovenCottonRug_RDA009_product_list
  • SwedishStripeWovenCottonRug_RP42_product_list
  • StonoverStripeWoolWovenRug_RDA309_product_list
  • StarSwedishBlueRug2x3_RDB370_product_list
  • PlainTinCeladonWoolMicroHookedRug_RDA370_product_list
  • OrbitBlueWoolWovenRug_DA114_product_list
  • MassenaIndigoHandKnottedRug_RDA400_product_list
  • LurinaPaisleyWoolTufted_DA501_product_list
  • LucyJuniperIndooroutdoorRug_RDB283_product_list
  • LexingtonRedcamelIndooroutdoorRug_RDB340_product_list
  • InesMicroHookedWoolRug_DA311_product_list
  • StarCamelivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB341_product_list
  • AsterGoldWoolMicroHookedRug_RDA381_product_list
  • DiamondLightBlueivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB163_product_list
  • EdieHandKnottedRug_DA273_product_list
  • AsterSageWoolMicroHookedRug_RDA382_product_list
  • AsterSkyWoolMicroHookedRug_RDA383_product_list
  • ElizabethSandIndooroutdoorRug_RDB281_product_list
  • FairIsleOceancoffeeCottonWovenRug_RDA330_product_list
  • BlueAwningStripeWovenCottonRug_RP37_product_list
  • BrindleStripeSeaHandKnottedRug_RDA085_product_list
  • FallsVillageStripeBlueIndooroutdoorRug_RDB307_product_list
  • GracieButterWoolTuftedRug_RDA386_product_list
  • BrindleStripeSpiceHandKnottedRug_RDA080_product_list
  • CatamaranStripeGraphitefieldstoneIndooroutdoorRug_RDB251_product_list
  • CircleFretOceanWoolTuftedRug_RDA395_product_list
  • CutStripeIvoryHandKnottedRug_RDA243_product_list
  • DiamondBlackivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB170_product_list
  • ZanzibarTickingWovenCottonRug_RDA110_product_list
  • DiamondDenimwhiteIndooroutdoorRug_RDB098_product_list
  • DiamondFieldstoneivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB255_product_list
  • TempleInkWoolMicroHookedRug_DA503_product_list
  • SamodePineivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB330_product_list
  • SamsonNavyIndooroutdoorRug_RDB322_product_list
  • HerringboneIndigoWovenCottonRug_RDA356_product_view
  • GypsyStripeWovenCottonRug_RDA404_product_list
  • deium diamonds close up
  • Samode_Denim
  • Brindle_Stripe_Sea_Hand_Knotted_Rug
  • Nevis_Sand_Jute_Woven_Rug
  • Cement