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BLACK 500ml Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax


Product Description

Apply a thin base coat of Clear Wax with a lint-free cloth or Annie Sloan Wax Brush onto your painted surface. Work in small areas at a time, ‘pushing’ the wax into the paint. Remove any excess with a clean cloth. Less is more, so there’s no need to apply wax too thickly. The wax will feel touch-dry immediately after you’ve applied it. For a distressed look, this is now the time to sand back to reveal a little of the wood or paint below. Next, apply the Black Wax, pushing it into the paintwork to bring out brush marks and crevices. Wipe back any excess with Clear Wax making sure that every part of the piece has been waxed at least once.

Video: What size wax do you need?