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CLEAR 500ml Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Soft Wax


Annie Sloan’s wax is the consistency of soft margarine in a tub so it is easy to apply, is completely colorless and has very little odor. It is water repellent so can be used on dining room tables and kitchens. Wipe clean regularly and use a propriety spray cleaner for tough areas. We recommend applying the paint, waxing it and then sanding it for the best results. You can color the wax with a little of our paint to make a white wax.


Product Description

Perfect size for a couple pieces of large furniture. Use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. Chalk Paint® Wax emphasizes depth of color and gives a beautiful mellow finish, or can be buffed to a high sheen.

Video: What size wax do you need?

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